Praise for the Book: 8 State Hurricane Kate

Praise for 8 State Hurricane Kate:


“If you love dogs, you will love 8 State Hurricane Kate.

The Bark Magazine                                 

8 State Hurricane Kate is a great true story which will appeal to dog owners and their best friends. A story of the indomitable spirits of human and canine combined, it’s a brightening tale for dog lovers and those seeking a story of overcoming one of the worst natural American disasters in recent history.” 

Midwest Book Review

“Everyone who reads 8 State Hurricane Kate will be in awe of the work Jenny Pavlovic has done for these animals. Out of desperate, tragic times came yet another miracle. I commend her strength, not only for her rescue, but for putting together this huge undertaking of providing us with all of this vital information. With so much need, this book can serve as a guide for those wishing to serve. You, as I, have heard the stories of that tragic hurricane – all the devastation and loss, but this book is all about encouragement. Encouragement that there are those out there who want to help, can help, and are prepared for the task.”

–Danelle Drake for Reader Views 

I read the book and loved it! It was a rollercoaster for me because I remembered so vividly all the emotions of Katrina.”

–Amanda St. John, Founder of the Muttshack Foundation and the Katrina Promise, 

“I’m thrilled to see this book in print–¦the story is truly amazing!”

–Di Edwards, Cairns, Australia, Co-Founder of the AuCaDo Rescue Forum,

Kate’s story has touched my heart and restored my faith that there are indeed still pet lovers who will move heaven and earth to care for the animals that they love. Kate was a very lucky old dog.”

–Sarah Dutton, Katrina Animal Rescuer and Founder of Lost Fantasy Rescue, Ceres, VA


“…8 State Hurricane Kate deserves to be near the top of every one’s “must read” list. Jenny Pavlovic’s story should inspire everyone to do a little bit more, to try a little bit harder, and to believe in our abilities to get things done.”

Jeff Dorson, Founder, Executive Director, Humane Society of Louisiana

“A heartfelt recap… a story of one woman’s experience of stepping out of her comfort zone and into a disaster zone, and then stepping out again with a dog that she was able to lift out of harm’s way. 8 State Hurricane Kate is a book for anyone who has adopted a pet and ever wonders where he or she really came from. It’s a book for anyone who couldn’t go to help animals after Katrina, but wished they could.”

– Kelli Ohrtman of Best Friends Animal Society in the Star Tribune Pet Central Blog

8 State Hurricane Kate exemplifies the tremendous spirit of the people of the Gulf Coast, of the animals caught up in the maelstrom, and of the individuals who couldn’t stand by and watch it happen without doing something to help.”

– Amy Maher, Board Chair, Noah’s Wish


An inspiring and challenging book that explodes with passion and primordial wisdom.”

–Sharon Azar, Guideposts Magazine, Weekly blogger for, Founder of WOOF! (Wagging On and On Forever!), rescuing NYC dogs

“Jenny’s passion for animals flows freely and gracefully throughout this book, and her deep connection with Kate is a strong testament to what’s possible when our hearts are completely open.”

– Sage (Stacy) Lewis, Author of JAVA: The True Story of a Shelter Dog Who Rescued a Woman

A story that captures your heart… an exploration of the ties between humans and animals, grief and recovery, and the spiritual side of lending a hand to those in need.”

– Melissa Tooley, Co-Founder of Carolinas Australian Cattle Dog Rescue and Rebound

“… an insider’s story that provides a real look at the devastation that was Katrina. Read it and share it with the dog lovers in your life… an inspiring, well-written story.”

– Lori Martinek, Branding Expert, Speaker and Author of Be the Bulb!

A touching and motivational story that helps to spread the message that we will continue to teach the world that animals matter.”

– Gail Monick, Katrina Volunteer, Noah’s Wish,

“A moving story about the relationship between a dog and a human who experience an adventure that will touch your heart and soul.”

– Donna Chicone, Host of the TV Dog Show 


From Readers:


A deep book that takes the reader to the depths of despair and brings back hope. Buy it, read it and give another copy to a friend.” 

– Eileen Bertie, Arizona

A book you will never forget. This true story takes you through all the wonderful highs and devastating lows of rescue work and reminds you to love with your all – because that is how animals love you back.”

– J.R. Greer, Texas

A moving emotional and spiritual journey… Kate is the symbol for the power of Spirit in times of great adversity.”

– Dana Lisa Young, Georgia

This is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. I am telling everyone I know about it… There are so many passages… that go straight to the heart.”

– Lynn Peaslee, Florida

“For the true love of animals… This book is so well written that you can feel the experience as best one can without actually having gone through it. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves dogs.”

– Debra L. Okamura, Hawaii

“I just wanted to say thank you… This book is something I believe all dog lovers should read! I ended up reading the whole story yesterday. I just couldn’t put it down.”

– Melissa Osborne, Ohio


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  1. Jenny, I just finished Kate’s book and I know that she is very proud of you for telling her story. As you said, this is not an ending but a beginning for all of us. It took me awhile to read through this as the tears still come so easy. Thank you for incuding me although I feel as if I do so little. You however, are an ispiration to those of us who were there and still deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and all the animals that went through such a horrible ordeal. I can only pray that from our efforts and experiences good will come out of this and animals will be regarded in the manner that they should be and that they will never be left behind again. Bless you Jenny! Love you Kate, Missy Moo and all the others. We will never forget!

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