Cayenne the Agility Dog

I haven’t written much about Cay lately, so thought I’d give this update. Cayenne and her young littermates were found in the Tennessee wilderness when they were too young to be away from their mother. But their mother was not in sight and they were very sick puppies. They almost didn’t survive a bout of […]

Life with the Dynamic Trio

Life is never dull around here. We’re enjoying the summer and time with each other. It’s been hard to find the time to write! First I want to give an update on Rhonda, who I first mentioned on July 7th. She’s the blue Australian Cattle Dog that was dumped at the kill shelter in Gallipolis, […]

Outside of the Box

This week seems to be all about thinking and being outside of the box. First, Cay decided one night that she wanted to sleep spread out on the dog bed, not curled up in the back of her crate. So I left the crate door open and she slept all stretched out on the dog […]

The Kids Are All Right

We had a few perfect days in the past week, about 75 degrees, sunny with a breeze, low humidity, and hardly a cloud in the sky, the kind of perfect day when you want it to always be that way.    

Join Me at the MVHS “Woofer & Hoofer” Walk on May 2nd

Meet Jenny Pavlovic Author of 8 State Hurricane Kate at the Minnesota Valley Humane Society Woofer & Hoofer Walk Saturday, May 2nd Alimagnet Park, Burnsville, Minnesota Have your book signed by the author! $5 per book sold will be donated to the Minnesota Valley Humane Society. Click on “Woofer & Hoofer” above for more info […]

“Old” Dogs Learn New Tricks

I’ve been doing some training with Bandit, Chase, and Cayenne. Cay is still learning the basics, like sit, down, stay, come, and stand, now from a distance and with a verbal cue and/or hand signal. We’re adding distractions too. She is very biddable and wants to please, but is still vulnerable to distractions. Sometimes I […]

On the Lamb Again

Yesterday we got out to herd sheep for the first time since last fall. The ice has melted here and the footing was good, except for some mud here and there. We enjoyed being out and I could see that the boys felt fulfilled, like they were once again doing the job that they were […]

What Have Dogs Taught Me About Love, Life, and Myself?

What have dogs taught me about love, life, and myself? This question was posed on the Angel Animals Network today and here is my quick response: Bandit taught me that sometimes the best friends will find you when you least expect them to, and that paying attention to them is important. Jump on a good […]

TTouch for My Spice Girl

Last weekend Cay and I attended a TTouch seminar by Sage (Stacy) Lewis, author of Java: The True Story of a Shelter Dog Who Rescued a Woman. I had previously done some TTouch work with my other rescue dog Chase and wanted to learn and practice ways to calm Cay and help build her confidence. […]

Cay’s 7th Week of Obedience Class–Graduation

I was so proud of Cay last week. She graduated from obedience 1 class, passing all the exercises except the stay. It was the main exercise that I had practiced with her all week, knowing that it was the toughest one for her. During week 6, I noticed that it was hard for Cay to […]