Happy Endings


This page is being updated during August/September 2008, as files are transferred from another format.

In 2006, 2007, and 2008 we helped a number of dogs. Please go to the “Adopted” and “Needs a Home” categories and click on each dog’s title/link to learn his/her story. Hopefully we will have all the dogs’ photos and stories moved over and entered in by the end of September!

You will see that each of these dogs was rescued due to the love, time, and money donated by many volunteers. Dedicated people visit the shelters and endure very difficult conditions to get the word out about dogs needing help. Others rescue and care for the dogs, bathing them, taking them to the vet, and housing them, sometimes offering the first love these dogs have known. Some help drive the dogs to a rescue organization, foster home or adoptive home, oftentimes in a different state. A transport may cover many states and involve many sequential drivers. People also donate $ to help cover all of these costs. The foster families and rescue groups care for the dogs, often nursing them back to health, socializing them, house training them and teaching them to walk on a leash. They get the word out about these wonderful dogs needing homes and hold adoption events. Then one day, each dog will find a special home of his or her own. And we all feel greatly rewarded to see these wonderful healthy and happy dogs find the life they have deserved all along! 🙂

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