Update on Tinkerbelle from Wyoming

Yesterday Bunny wrote from Denver: I just wanted to update everybody on Tinkerbelle. She has been here for a week. In that week she has learned to sit, will go her crate when you say “kennel” (most of the time), has finally learned how to work a kong and is learning social skills with my […]

Snow Day!

It’s snowing here in Minnesota this morning, the first snow to stick here this year. The dogs are all excited, jumping up and down, even though there isn’t much. They love to run and play in the snow! Instead of just wondering if the roads will be bad for commuting to work tomorrow, or worrying […]

Foxie–Red Baby in Kentucky

On November 22nd, Lynne of Safe Hands Rescue in Minneapolis first told me about a 10-12 week old red heeler girl called “Foxie” at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Stanford, KY. I found out about her late on Friday night and she was scheduled to be euthanized on Monday morning. She was found wandering […]

My New Quilt Wall Hanging

I want to show you the quilted wall hanging that Michelle made for me. It has photos of nine of the dogs and cats that have shared my life over the years. It was designed before Cay joined us and includes: Top row: Kate, Bandit, and Chase Middle row: Nike, Pippi, and Marble Bottom row: […]

Tinkerbelle–Rescued from a Chain in Wyoming

On November 10th, my friend Eileen posted this message to the AuCaDo Rescue Forum: Please, I need help for a very sweet purebred Red Heeler. Her name is Tinkerbelle and she has been kept on a 3 ft chain for the past six months. She has NO shelter whatsoever and is NEVER allowed off the […]

Giving Thanks

Today I’m thankful to have time outside with the dogs in the daylight. These days it’s dark by the time I get home from work. Sometimes I delay my morning departure to have a sliver of daylight to play ball with them in the yard before I leave. But today we have the whole day! This […]

Cay’s 6th Week of Class

This week Cay did an awesome job in class. At home, Bandit and Chase kenneled up and Cay ran out the door to the garage ahead of me. A few weeks ago, she was afraid to go without the boys, but now she’s excited to go along with me to class!

Handsome Blue Male ACD Found in Minnesota–Needs Rescue or New Home

I first posted about this guy on November 9th. I stopped to visit him on Friday at the impound at a vet clinic in Maplewood, Minnesota. This guy is a very nice dog, not the “typical” dog that you might find in rescue (if there is a typical rescue dog!). I can’t believe that nobody […]

When it Rains, it Pours!

Whew! This week I have been playing some sort of role on rescues in Wyoming, Georgia, Kentucky, Iowa, and Minnesota. When it rains, it pours! Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) Tinkerbelle was rescued from a short chain, a dismal excuse for a life, in Wyoming. Scooter, an ACD-border collie mix was rescued from a kill (gassing) shelter in […]

I Rescued a Human Today

I like this one, especially considering how this week has gone. This has been circulating around the internet. I don’t know who to acknowledge. If you know, please pass on the info. Thanks!   I rescued a human today. Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels. I felt […]