Happy New Year! and Good News in 2009

Seems like everywhere we turn lately there is bad news…financial failures, job losses, people at war. So my New Year’s resolution is to include a positive message here each week. My plan is to record the message and post the audio link. My challenge is to learn how to do this ASAP. 😉 Check back […]

Australian Cattle Dogs and 8 State Kate Book Featured on The Dog Show on January 1st

Those of you who have Valley Access TV in Minnesota and Wisconsin can tune in to channel 15 on January 1st to watch “The Dog Show” with Donna Chicone. The breed feature on this show is the Australian Cattle Dog. Louanne Brooks and I will show 11 ½ year old Pete (blue) and my dog […]

Merry Christmas…Looking Back and Looking Ahead

On December 24th, I left my three dogs in Becky’s care and flew to the Gulf Coast of Florida to visit part of my family for the Christmas holiday. The last time I had been to Florida was March of 2007, and before that I spent about three weeks there while recovering from surgery near […]

Maverick’s Story (Continued)

The impound manager was begging me to find a place for Maverick to go. He had been there since being picked up as a stray at the end of October, and had stayed there an extra two weeks waiting for the breeder to pick him up. In order to get Maverick out of the impound, […]

Surviving December

I’m finally ready to write about the first week of December. It felt like the week from hell, but somehow I just kept going. I’d been having problems with my well pump for a while, even though I had the whole thing replaced over the summer, which involved trimming trees and other preparations. Even after […]

Handsome Blue Male in Minnesota–Update

I want to update you on Maverick. Just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on–I’ve been too busy to get on the computer lately! The first week of December was “the week from hell” for me–more on that later! Eileen has been working tirelessly (or maybe “tiredly”, I’m not sure) […]

Handsome Blue Male in Minnesota–Safe in Boarding

After some serious back and forth e-mails with the breeder, I finally gave up on her. Yesterday I picked up “Maverick” from the impound and took him to my friend Becky’s place for boarding. He seems to have a very even temperament, but he got anxious when we got in the truck. He whined for a […]

Gypsy–10 Year Old Red ACD at New Home in Alaska

Remember Gypsy, the 10 year old red female who I saw in the Pasado’s Safe Haven Magazine? I first wrote about her here on November 3rd. She was adopted by a man from Alaska who saw her info posted on the ACD-L by my friend Eileen and flew to the Seattle area to pick her […]

Handsome Blue Male in Minnesota

Friday came and went and the breeder did not show up to visit or pick up this dog as promised. He stayed at the impound for an extra 2 weeks because the breeder who had identified him said she would come to pick him up on December 5th. He tested positive for heartworm and now […]

The Dog Show

On Tuesday, Bandit and I were filmed for “The Dog Show”, a local TV show with host Donna Chicone. Bandit’s breeder Louanne and his 11 ½ year old grandfather Pete appeared with us in a segment on the Australian Cattle Dog.