Happy Cay

Cay brought me the ball to play yesterday, all on her own! She had never done this before, and is starting to interact with me more, as she has seen the other dogs do. This morning a fawn in our front yard got all three dogs wound up. We went to Kim’s so that Bandit […]

Bandit on Cattle

Finally, after working with Bandit on sheep for 3 years, I found a place nearby to try working cattle. We went to Carey’s place and he showed me how to start Bandit on three cattle, working in a small area. I think we did very well together. Carey sent me in alone first, to get […]

Doors Are Opening

Cay is starting to learn “sit” in distracting situations, like waiting at the door to be let out. The three dogs tend to crowd at the door and each one clamors to be the first one out. But they know that I won’t open the door until they’re quiet, sitting still, and giving me access […]

Guess Not…

Logging in from out of town, I received a message from the woman who wanted to meet Cay next week. Turns out her husband doesn’t approve of a second dog. Wow, I’d have thought she would have worked that out before calling to make an appointment to meet Cay.

A New Home for Cay?

I was contacted today by potential adopters with a one year old Corgi and a large fenced yard on a dead end road. They were pre-approved by Homeward Bound and sound like potentially a great home, especially since they already have herding dog experience. I’ll be out of town this weekend, but I offered to […]

Visit to the Country Mill

I haven’t written much about Cay lately because there’s been so much going on here. But Cay has changed a lot in the past few weeks. She looks at me directly with her big dark-chocolate-brown eyes. She comes over to me for a cookie when I call her. She plays more exuberantly and is more […]

Cay’s 1st Birthday

The daisies are blooming this week, a whole field full of them out in front of the house. According to the records from Tennessee, today is Cayenne’s 1st birthday. I don’t know if this was an estimate, or if Deb who rescued the puppies actually knows. I’ll have to ask her. This kind of snuck […]

Because They Have No Words–Chicago

Yesterday I flew down to Chicago to see Tim Maddock’s play, “Because They Have No Words” at the Piven Theatre in Evanston. Tim volunteered caring for rescued animals at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I was at L-D before Rita, but came into contact with Tim months later when […]


Cay came when I called her today! We were out in the large fenced area. She was hungry and saw me give a treat to Chase! Chase comes on a whistle and Bandit comes when called by name. Without formal training, Cay has picked up on the whistle. Now when I whistle, she tries to […]

Kindness for Kate Day

Today is “Kindness for Kate” Day. I spent extra time working with Cay and made a donation to a rescue group in honor of Kate. Cay is revealing more of her personality to me each day. Today I dubbed her the “Blond Bullet” She is lighter than the boys in color and weight, but her […]