Doors Are Opening

Cay is starting to learn “sit” in distracting situations, like waiting at the door to be let out. The three dogs tend to crowd at the door and each one clamors to be the first one out. But they know that I won’t open the door until they’re quiet, sitting still, and giving me access to open the door. Cay has learned from watching the other two what it takes to get the door to open. For a long time though, she didn’t seem to know that she needed to sit. I helped her for a while, but now she is starting to sit on her own, most of the time. I think that maybe she knew the word “sit” before but wasn’t able to let it get into her brain here with the distractions. Now that she is getting calmer here, she is starting to get it. She seems to know “hurry up” and “go potty” now too, when I tell her to go outside.

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