A Note From Kenna’s Mom–Update!

Reposting (originally posted on September 18, 2008–see update below): Yesterday I received this wonderful message from Sheryl, Kenna’s mom. Kenna’s story is told in Chapter 17 of 8 State Hurricane Kate. Sheryl gave me permission to share this with you: About a month ago I received an e-mail from Kenna’s foster mother, Rebecca, letting me know […]

Outside of the Box

This week seems to be all about thinking and being outside of the box. First, Cay decided one night that she wanted to sleep spread out on the dog bed, not curled up in the back of her crate. So I left the crate door open and she slept all stretched out on the dog […]

A Message From Al’s Daughter Carolyn!

Remember Carolyn, the Katrina survivor who lost her dad in the flood just after the hurricane? She showed me around the NOLA area when I returned there in May. I just received a note from her about the book: I… have been wanting to really thank you for the 8 State Hurricane Kate Book… what I have read has […]

An Inspiring Message From a Reader Friend

Jenny: Thought I would share this with you since you are one of the reasons I got involved in transporting rescues. As with most transports,  it looked like it was not going to pan out and might be cancelled, however, it did work out and I will be the oh so lucky one who gets to […]

A Message From a Friend

I’m learning that part of Kate’s legacy is how her story has affected and influenced others. With their permission, their stories will be shared here. Jenn reminded me that this week is the 3rd anniversary of the evening I met Kate at Lamar-Dixon. It means a lot to me to hear of the efforts of […]