A Message From Al’s Daughter Carolyn!

Remember Carolyn, the Katrina survivor who lost her dad in the flood just after the hurricane? She showed me around the NOLA area when I returned there in May. I just received a note from her about the book:

I… have been wanting to really thank you for the 8 State Hurricane Kate Book… what I have read has been very moving & uplifting. This book has made me realize even more what you, Cindy, Sarah & so many others did for our animals. The sacrifices you & so many others have done for us still will never be forgotten. I am sending a copy of this book to my best friend, in LA who used to live in New Orleans for 25 years. I know she will love the book. Thank you for the time you spent in creating this masterpiece & I am honored that we were part of 8 State Hurricane Kate. God Bless All of the Animals, especially Kate!

Earlier she had written:

There is a place in Heaven for you & your organization. I have a suspicion that you will be greeted by the animals first! I wonder why? Take care.

Wouldn’t that be cool? To make it to heaven and be greeted by all of the animals? 🙂

The story of Carolyn’s dad Al and his dogs Bruce and Duke is told in chapter 7 of the book. They are among the many faces of those who were lost to Katrina and those who survived as well. I don’t want Al, Bruce, or Duke to be forgotten. Friendship with Carolyn and our connectedness across the country is one of the positive outcomes of the Katrina tragedy. Helping the animals and meeting wonderful people like Carolyn was (and is) our pleasure.

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