About Melvin – Detours in Life

Could this elderly gentleman be part of a set-up? Could he be a danger to me? I thought of all the things that could go wrong. And then I thought, what if he’s just a busted up old man who is trying to get to a safe place and he just needs a ride? He’d been sitting there for hours. Probably hundreds of people had driven by.

Still Saying Goodbye

We lost our beloved dog Bandit to multiple myeloma in March. I had a beautiful pendant made with some of his ashes inside, and I wear it on a chain around my neck, or on a bracelet. I mentioned before that I had a hard time deciding where to release Bandit’s ashes, so I’ve been […]

Sunny and Possum–Something to Celebrate

Sometimes we try to save animals who are running out of time and we don’t make it and feel like failures. This week, I have something to celebrate. I shared an amazing experience where things seemed to magically click into place to help save two dogs’ lives. A group of wonderful people from Arizona, Minnesota, […]

Ripple Effect

Sheila sent an update on Rhonda, who was rescued from the kill pound at Gallipolis, Ohio a couple of weeks ago. I wrote about her on July 7th. Many people in Ohio and Minnesota came together to achieve her rescue. Sheila is fostering Rhonda (now called Ripple) near Dayton, Ohio. It didn’t take long for this […]

Life with the Dynamic Trio

Life is never dull around here. We’re enjoying the summer and time with each other. It’s been hard to find the time to write! First I want to give an update on Rhonda, who I first mentioned on July 7th. She’s the blue Australian Cattle Dog that was dumped at the kill shelter in Gallipolis, […]

Maverick, Merlin and Nixon Find New Homes and… “Help Me” Rhonda Needs Our Assistance

So much has been going on here that it’s been hard to find time to write. But I want to report some great news! Maverick, an Australian Cattle Dog who was picked up as a stray in Minnesota last November, has found a fantastic new home. His new family has another ACD named Josie (my […]

Update on Merlin and Nixon–Looking for Homes in Minnesota

I wrote about these two in my previous post. Merlin is a blue Australian Cattle Dog and Nixon is a red Australian Cattle Dog mix (see photos below). They were both running out of time at the Washington Courthouse, Ohio kill pound. I threw a Hail Mary pass and the Minnesota Valley Humane Society offered […]

Outside of the Box

This week seems to be all about thinking and being outside of the box. First, Cay decided one night that she wanted to sleep spread out on the dog bed, not curled up in the back of her crate. So I left the crate door open and she slept all stretched out on the dog […]

Helping Families Keep Their Pets in These Trying Times

With the financial situation in this country, people losing their jobs and homes, many animals are also losing their homes when their families can’t afford to keep them. In the past few months, I’ve been bombarded with requests to find new homes for dogs. It is truly heartbreaking. I’ve been talking with people at the […]

Update on Maverick

Maverick is receiving his heartworm treatments in a foster home in Minnesota. He is doing very well and will soon be neutered and ready to go to a forever home. Click here if you’re interested in adopting Maverick and giving him the wonderful home that he deserves. You can read Maverick’s story in the January […]