After we returned from sheep herding in Pine City this afternoon, I found 3 messages from the woman who had expressed an interest in adopting Cay. Although I had told her that we wouldn’t be home or at the adoption event today, but could meet with her tomorrow, she left me three messages about Cay […]

ACD Ambassadors and New Home for Cay?

At agility class this evening, I handed out postcards about Kate’s book. Michelle, who has had her dog in some of the same agility classes with Bandit and Chase, asked me about the story. Then she told me that in the past, she had heard mostly negative things about cattle dogs. But since she’s seen […]

Back Home

The dogs did well at Becky’s place while I was visiting NOLA. After returning from my trip there was some jockeying for pack position again, but nothing serious. We’re all happy to be home! 

Return to New Orleans-7

This morning I checked out of my hotel in the French Quarter and picked up a rental car. I drove to Barnes and Noble in Metairie first, which had been recommended to me by the woman at the French Market. They have nice displays of dog books and regional interest books. I obtained the business […]

Return to New Orleans-6

Tonight I went to the Humane Society of Louisiana “Canines on the Catwalk” benefit, a fashion show including people and dogs, at Michaud’s Restaurant on St. Charles Avenue. Michaud’s, which just re-opened for the first time since Katrina, offers live Cajun and Zydeco Music on most nights. Deedra from Canine Culture was there, along with […]

Return to New Orleans-5

The sun is shining and the humidity level is down. I don’t need my rain jacket and umbrella this morning! This is the last day of the conference.   I’m not a city person and the lack of open space and greenery is starting to get to me. Plus the city is getting crowded for […]

Return to New Orleans-4

It was pouring down rain again this morning when I walked to the meeting. The wind wasn’t as high though—it didn’t turn my umbrella inside out. Today the meeting goes from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm. I have a break in the afternoon to re-charge my computer battery and visit the blue dog gallery down […]

Return to New Orleans-3

This morning I stepped outside to torrential rains that turned my umbrella inside out. It’s nothing to the people here—they’ve been through much worse…I wondered if the parade at Algiers would take place today. There was still a tornado watch and it was dark outside.

Return to New Orleans-2

I have a room deal that gives me breakfast at my hotel each morning. This morning when I entered the restaurant, three people greeted me. The hostess asked me if I preferred the “bar”. Now I knew I was in New Orleans, but it wasn’t even 8:00 am yet! Then I realized that there was […]

Return to New Orleans

I flew to New Orleans today, with my original reason being a work conference and of course my other reason being to find out how everyone is doing. When we arrived at the airport, I think we were the only plane on the tarmac. Most gates were empty, and there wasn’t much activity outside. Inside, […]