Cay’s Second Week of School

Tonight Cay and I went to our second week of Beginner 1 obedience school. Actually, it was her second week. I have been many times, with many different dogs. 🙂 Cay pays good attention to me, probably because she would be scared in that situation without me, her known entity. She walks well on leash, heels well […]

An Inspiring Message From a Reader Friend

Jenny: Thought I would share this with you since you are one of the reasons I got involved in transporting rescues. As with most transports,  it looked like it was not going to pan out and might be cancelled, however, it did work out and I will be the oh so lucky one who gets to […]

Bandit’s Eye

We went to the vet to have Bandit’s stitches removed today. I was amazed again at how well the vet had stitched up the skin over Bandit’s eye and how well it has healed. As the stitches were being removed, I felt very fortunate that Bandit’s eye wasn’t injured. It was such a close call, […]

Give Me a Hug, Give Me a Break

My friend Sarah in Virginia rescued Chase from a violent man who was going to shoot him for chasing sheep. When Chase first came to live with us, he discovered that he could get my undivided attention when I was, ah, sitting on the toilet. When I’m the only person around, I don’t usually latch […]

Cay Goes to School

Today Cayenne started her first obedience class. She has been here with us since April and has had plenty of time to settle in. She has ridden along to obedience school, agility, and herding events. Now that summer is over and she has become much more comfortable in different situations, she gets to attend her […]

Our Pick for a More Humane White House–by the Humane Society Legislative Fund

This was distributed by the Humane Society legislative Fund. IMO, it makes some important points. Humane Society Legislative Fund Endorses Obama-Biden One of the guiding principles of the Humane Society Legislative Fund is that we evaluate candidates based on a single criterion: where they stand on animal protection policies. We don’t make decisions based on […]

Bandit’s Ad

This has been a busy week! At the end of last week, Barb O’Brien of the Animal Connection called. They were interested in auditioning/ photographing Bandit for a Cargill ad. The shoot would be at the beginning of this week. We had never done an ad before, but it sounded interesting.   Luck (or chance) would have it […]

Meeting Christina’s Family and Attending the Indy Hairball

It was fun to meet Christina and her family. They showed me a video of some of their disc dog routines, which were fun to watch. Their cat taught Bandit respect by bopping him on the head with a paw through the dog door when he was walking down the hall. He didn’t even know […]

The Dog Owner from Hell

On Saturday we met the dog owner from hell. I stopped at a rest stop in eastern Ohio and was accosted by a huge friendly yellow lab while on my way to use the restroom. He came barreling down the hill from the picnic area (which was posted “No Pets”) and ran right toward me. […]

Cattle Trials and Traveling Back to Indiana

On Friday we got to watch more of the cattle runs, but on Friday afternoon we had to head out. We packed up, said our goodbyes and hit the road heading west, planning to make it to eastern Ohio that night. We had a long drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike before sneaking through a sliver […]