Give Me a Hug, Give Me a Break

My friend Sarah in Virginia rescued Chase from a violent man who was going to shoot him for chasing sheep. When Chase first came to live with us, he discovered that he could get my undivided attention when I was, ah, sitting on the toilet. When I’m the only person around, I don’t usually latch the door. There is a stool next to the toilet that I use when bathing dogs, reaching for high places, etc. One day Chase pushed his way into the bathroom and put his front feet up on that stool. I hugged him and told him how handsome he was, and how lucky we were that he came to live with us. He ate that up (making up for lost time on the love front) and developed the habit of following me into the bathroom and putting his front feet up on that stool. Now he sometimes even does that when I’m standing at the sink. It’s a sign that he needs a hug and would love to hear me tell him how handsome he is and how lucky we are to have him here.

Bandit has the habit of bringing me the ball, rubber chicken, or tennis ball bone when I’m sitting at the computer. I used to think that he was just ball obsessed, but I’ve come to believe that he also does it because he doesn’t want my fingers to grow onto the computer keys. He knows I need a break and wants to get me out to play.

It may be the same thing with Chase, especially when he goes to that stool when I’m not sitting on the toilet. I think sometimes Chase knows that I need a hug, just as Bandit knows that I need a break. They’re really looking out for me, aren’t they? 😉

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