Cay Visits the Vet

Cay had diarrhea in her crate today. I wiped her off and washed the blankets, but we were in a hurry because we had an appointment with the vet. I wanted him to give her a general exam, check her ears (which seem to be bothering her) and check her back end. When we arrived, […]

Play Time

Cay still has problems with peeing in the house, partly due to submissive nerves and partly because she has mostly been crated when inside. I don’t think she’s had much run of the house with anyone yet. She is still mostly crated while inside here too because I don’t have her fully integrated with Bandit […]


Cayenne responded to “sit”! I think she must have known it before, but took some time to get comfortable enough with me to pay attention and listen. She does not know to come when called. She is not completely comfortable with people, especially when I bend over to snap the leash onto her collar. She […]

Pack Dynamics

Today was a beautiful spring day. We spent a lot of time outside. The pack behaves differently outside than inside. Cay pesters Bandit a lot outside and he doesn’t seem to react. She even nipped at his heels out in the yard. He just gave her a warning growl and she backed off. Crowded spaces […]

A Member of the Pack

Cay is settling in. She’s starting to get more confident around the house and yard. She follows me up and down the stairs on her own now—she doesn’t want to be separated from the rest of us. When I let her follow the boys down the “chute” from the field to the backyard for the […]

Bandit’s Little Shadow

Cay is acting like Bandit’s little shadow! Lucky she doesn’t have a tail that he can grab. Today she tried to nip at his heels a couple of times. That won’t last… I don’t think he’ll put up with it for long.

Stealing (Rubber) Chickens Again

The chicken thief is at it again! This morning when I got up, Bandit was bringing one of the rubber chickens to me. I let Bandit and Chase out in the yard and went to get my coat (spring in Minnesota!) to take Cay out with them and supervise. She quickly snatched up the rubber chicken […]

Three’s Company

This evening I took all three dogs out in the yard and they did fine, so I decided to take them up on the hill. I let the boys run up the hill as usual (inside the fence). I needed to be able to keep track of Cayenne to make sure I picked up all […]

Sheep Date

Today I found Cay with 2 rubber chickens, 2 bones, and 2 tennis ball bones in her crate! What a silly collector! We went up to Pine City, Minnesota for Bandit and Chase’s sheep herding lessons. I took Cayenne along in her crate in the back seat. She got to get out, see some sheep […]

Chicken Collector

With Cay on the leash, we walked 5 laps around the field today instead of 3. I didn’t have to pull her so much this time; she’s starting to get more comfortable walking along with me. Chase was play bowing and Cayenne wanted to chase the ball, but I had her on leash. Bandit focused […]