LEVI (MN) (ACD, Texas) rehomed in Minnesota (February 2007) Homeward Bound found Levi a home in February with two very nice young men, roommates who both jog daily and have another “part time dog”… a Lab they have shared custody with from one’s former girlfriend. I first heard about Levi when Tammie of Tri-city Animal […]


We were able to rescue 3 adult ACDs and 7 puppies from a kill shelter in Kentucky and one ACD-X from a gas kill shelter in Georgia. We are really only able to be successful in situations where we have a contact at or near the shelter who can help us out. I was informed […]


Brie and Pepper & Maggie (Suzy) (ALL ADOPTED) My friend Melissa e-mailed me about some ACD puppies and an adult female ACD that local people were trying to rescue from a mentally ill hoarder in Georgia. Here’s the link: http://www.pikecountyanimaladvocates.blogspot.com/ Look at the January 29 hoarder article—-you can scroll down to see these dogs. “Kat” […]