LEVI (MN) (ACD, Texas) rehomed in Minnesota (February 2007)

Homeward Bound found Levi a home in February with two very nice young men, roommates who both jog daily and have another “part time dog”… a Lab they have shared custody with from one’s former girlfriend.

I first heard about Levi when Tammie of Tri-city Animal Shelter in Cedar Hill, TX contacted ACDRI at the end of October. She then e-mailed me this message, along with his photo.

This is Levi. He’s a young adult, intact male. I have personally acquired him from the streets and am now in search of someone to take him. No luck so far on a rescue for that particular breed. Please if anyone can help, contact me at the shelter. I am keeping him there at this time.

Thanks, Tammie Tri-City Animal Shelter

When I found out that Trudy would be driving all the way from Louisiana to Wisconsin in November, and that Homeward Bound could take him into a foster home, I began trying to arrange transport for him to get him to Louisiana, where Trudy would pick him up. LaDonna pulled him from the shelter and drove him to the Tyler area, where Sharon picked him up and drove him to Shreveport, LA. Jillian and Ryan picked him up near Shreveport and drove him to Alexandria, where her parents run their family’s rescue organization, Boudreaux’s Animal Rescue Krewe. They cared for Levi and put Trudy and other rescued animals up for the night. Then Trudy headed back north with a van load of rescued animals, including Levi and Pirate (from Roicy in Lafayette, LA). Once Trudy got to Wisconsin, other volunteers transported Levi the rest of the way to Homeward Bound in Minnesota.

I am so grateful to all the people who pulled together to give Levi a 2nd chance. His transport was not completely filled until the last minute, when people went way out of their way to help him out.

Levi has now found his forever home.

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