Jenny would like to acknowledge the following people.
Thanks to everyone for their financial and/or emotional support. We would not have made it this far without you and we can never thank you enough.

Stillwater Veterinary Clinic, Stillwater, Minnesota
Minnetonka Animal Hospital, Minnetonka, Minnesota
Lisa B and PAWS-a-tively Pet Care, Minnesota
Australian Cattle Dog Rescue, Inc., especially Deb Ray
Northwest Airlines

Holiday Inn of Lincoln, Illinois
The Cole Family

Guidant Corporation

Mary Getten

Animal Ark, Hastings, Minnesota

Friends from All Breed Obedience, Woodbury, MN:
Amy A
Ann S
Bobbi S
Deb and Michael S
Janna H
Leslie C
Libbe E
Rebecca B
Sharon M

Minnesota Friends:
Becky C
Bob L of Lakeland Cleaners
Bridget L
Eric and Jenny S
Mary S of Wellness Matters

Friends from ACD-L:
Alex H, CA

Angie F, MO
Armanda S, NY
Barry S, FL
Becky L, TX
Carol G, CA
Cheyenne M
Christine W, GA
Dana F, VA
Dana P, GA
Deb R, CA
Debby E, Washington DC
Debra W, IL
Diane S, WA
Doug M, CA
Eileen L, WI
Jim J, MO
Kathleen H, CA
Kathy B, IL
Luis S, PA
Nicola P, Vancouver Island, BC
Nicole C, CA
Rodrica T, PA
Susan P, NC
Tina T
Trish C, CO

Friends from Lamar Dixon Expo Center:
Beryl B, MN (RAGOM)
Cindy J, VA
Connie E, WA (Pasado’s Safe Haven)
Jaye W, MO
Lori S, WI
Nancy T, LA
Sarah D, VA (Lost Fantasy Stables and Animal Rescue)
Monica O, TX (Homeward Bound, TX)
Veronica O, TX (Homeward Bound, TX)

Web Support:
Sarah Dutton, VA
Eric Smith, MN
Janna Hora, MN
Di Edwards, Australia
Special thanks to Di for designing and putting together the current version of this site and to Gregory Rohm for designing the graphics.

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