My Dolphin Healing Story

I wrote this in June and want to share it with you now. My Own Story of Dolphin Healing ~ Jenny Pavlovic, June 9, 2012 ~ I went to Bimini for the amazing opportunity to swim with wild dolphins. Animal communicator Mary Getten was leading the trip and she had been urging me to go […]

Dolphins and Dogs: Protect Your Heart

First, a quick note: A few weeks ago I discovered that Bandit’s tags were missing. I keep them in a tag pocket on his collar to protect them, and the entire pocket with all the tags was gone. I immediately got him a new ID tag. After my experience with hundreds to thousands of lost […]

Emergency Preparedness for Your Pet: 8 Things I Learned from 8 State Hurricane Kate

In April my truck went in to the shop for a few days and I had the use of a brand new, very nice 4-door sedan. I’ve always been a truck person and I soon realized why I was uncomfortable with only having the car at my disposal. I knew that I couldn’t fit my […]