On Hurrying

On Hurrying Hurrying from one thing to the next used to feel good, Like a person was important and in demand, like things were happening in one’s life. But Hurrying makes one look ahead to the next thing, Multitask, multitask, multitask and forget to be here. Now.

Why I Don’t Shovel All the Snow

Sometimes I still feel her presence, Riding behind me in the back seat of the truck Like she used to. When her back legs got weak and she couldn’t walk very far She rode in the truck behind me And looked out the window, Feeling the breeze, inhaling the smells. She was a Bernese Mountain […]

Chase’s True Calling? Dog is Love

In January, Chase and I started taking a therapy dog class. The point of the class is to familiarize the human-dog team with the exercises they need to pass to become a Delta Society Pet Partners team. Chase has been waiting for me to get my act together for years. He loves to meet new […]