Finding Your True Passions in Life: What I Learned from My Journey with 8 State Hurricane Kate

I often run into people who are searching to find and fulfill their real purpose in life. I feel fortunate that I’ve found my true callings in life and know why I’m here and what to do. Often as children we’re very in tune with our passions, but as we get older we get bogged […]

4/22: Hear Jenny on the “Talk to the Animals” Radio Show

Thursday, April 22nd:   Talk to the Animals Radio Show with Janet Roper Listen online from anywhere! 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm CST   Janet and I will talk about my new book, the “Not Without My Dog” Resource & Record Book, and the story behind the book. NEW BOOK EVERY PERSON WITH A […]

Not Without My Dog–The Mahabharata

Thank you to Sharon Azar-Hahn for sharing this story with me:  “Do you know the story of Yudhisthira? It’s from an Indian classic story called the Mahabharata. It’s on the subject of ‘not without my dog’. Here it is”: Once upon a time a very noble and skilled man named Yudhisthira was told that after […]

The “Not Without My Dog” Resource & Record Book

Here’s a sneak peek at the Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book, coming in Spring of 2010. Made in the U.S.A.!  Click here to view the book trailer video.  Look inside: Available online at beginning April 2010.