Heart of the Horse

Her name was Ruby. She was a striking, powerfully-built black and white horse known as a “Gypsy Vanner”. Her ancestors pulled the colorful wagons that gypsies lived in, bringing to mind my own Bohemian ancestors. Although I had some experience with horses, Ruby and her two stable mates were the first Gypsy Vanner horses I […]

Cayenne the Agility Dog

I haven’t written much about Cay lately, so thought I’d give this update. Cayenne and her young littermates were found in the Tennessee wilderness when they were too young to be away from their mother. But their mother was not in sight and they were very sick puppies. They almost didn’t survive a bout of […]

The “Not Without My Dog” Resource & Record Book

Available this spring! What People Are Saying: “This book gives us the forms and information we need to protect all our beloved family members. By taking Jenny’s sound advice, you can safeguard the life of your animals in any situation.” — Jeff Dorson, Founder and Executive Director, The Humane Society of Louisiana “… a customized portable […]

The “My Buddy Butch” Radio Show on February 11th

Thursday, February 11th, 6:00 pm CST Jenny will be on The “My Buddy Butch” Radio Show—listen from anywhere! http://www.mybuddybutch.com/radio.html Jeff and I will talk about my new book, the “Not Without My Dog” Resource & Record Book, coming this spring. The “Not Without My Dog” book includes essential information about your dog in a user-friendly […]