The “Not Without My Dog” Resource & Record Book

Available this spring!

What People Are Saying:

“This book gives us the forms and information we need to protect all our beloved family members. By taking Jenny’s sound advice, you can safeguard the life of your animals in any situation.” — Jeff Dorson, Founder and Executive Director, The Humane Society of Louisiana

a customized portable and personal resource filled with empowering, life-saving information. … No dog lover should be without this book.” —Amy D. Shojai, CABC and author of 23 pet care books including The First-Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats

“… an expertly-crafted resource to help dog parents plan for emergencies. With this book, Jenny Pavlovic has given all of us who love our dogs the perfect, user-friendly tool to safeguard their well-being in times of crisis.” —Melanie Monteiro, Dog safety expert, pet first aid instructor and author of The Safe Dog Handbook

“Being in the trenches during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has given Jenny the knowledge of the… information that needs to be collected by every pet owner and she makes it easy and fun with this book! We have needed a guide like this for a long time.” —Jeff Marginean, Award-winning author and host of the My Buddy Butch Radio Show

Every dog should come with this book attached to their collar… Brilliant!” —Barbara Techel, Award-winning author of Frankie (the walk ‘n roll dog) book series,

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