Upcoming Events

(Note: most text for show and place names provides a link–just click on it with your mouse.) August 8th:  Book signing at Bad Dog Frida in Madison, Wisconsin 11:00am-1:00pm $5 per book sold will be donated to  Shelter from the Storm   August 30th:  Sage Lewis will interview Jenny on the Pet Playground Radio Show […]

The Right Dog for the Job–1st Place and a New Cattle herding Title!

I’m excited to announce that Bandit earned his ASCA started cattle herding title yesterday (pending ASCA approval). He moved the cattle around the course nicely and seemed pleased that I’m finally catching on! 😉 He earned his first cattle title in style, taking FIRST PLACE (a first for us)! I’m very proud of him. We […]

Landing on the Corner Instead of on Our Feet

Today I did something that I don’t often do. I rolled down my window and gave a woman a $5 bill at a red light. She had a sign that said she needed the money, that she had a medical condition and couldn’t work. I know that people sometimes stand on a corner and make […]

Ripple Effect

Sheila sent an update on Rhonda, who was rescued from the kill pound at Gallipolis, Ohio a couple of weeks ago. I wrote about her on July 7th. Many people in Ohio and Minnesota came together to achieve her rescue. Sheila is fostering Rhonda (now called Ripple) near Dayton, Ohio. It didn’t take long for this […]

One Small Step

Although it’s past my bedtime, I can’t let this night go by without remembering July 20th, 1969. I was almost 8 years old, a tomboy and a daddy’s girl. My how the time flies! I remember sitting with my sister in our jammies in front of the TV, waiting for Neil Armstrong to take that […]

Life with the Dynamic Trio

Life is never dull around here. We’re enjoying the summer and time with each other. It’s been hard to find the time to write! First I want to give an update on Rhonda, who I first mentioned on July 7th. She’s the blue Australian Cattle Dog that was dumped at the kill shelter in Gallipolis, […]

Book Review for “Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life”

My review of Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life,  by Dawn Kairns There are many books about special and beloved dogs, but this book goes much deeper than most. The reader is compelled to keep going, to sneak the book to work and get around any obstacle that would prevent one from reading straight […]

8 State Hurricane Kate is on Display at the American Library Association Conference in Chicago

8 State Hurricane Kate is on display at the ALA Conference in Chicago. Check it out at the Combined Book Exhibit booth, #2126. “The Combined Book Exhibit is a collective exhibit of publishers of books, journals, multimedia and other media. Librarians can come to our exhibit and see books from large publishers and smaller independent […]

Maverick, Merlin and Nixon Find New Homes and… “Help Me” Rhonda Needs Our Assistance

So much has been going on here that it’s been hard to find time to write. But I want to report some great news! Maverick, an Australian Cattle Dog who was picked up as a stray in Minnesota last November, has found a fantastic new home. His new family has another ACD named Josie (my […]