Maverick, Merlin and Nixon Find New Homes and… “Help Me” Rhonda Needs Our Assistance

So much has been going on here that it’s been hard to find time to write. But I want to report some great news! Maverick, an Australian Cattle Dog who was picked up as a stray in Minnesota last November, has found a fantastic new home. His new family has another ACD named Josie (my friend Josie’s first foster dog formerly known as “Johnsie”). Maverick was claimed by his breeder in December. But she backed out when he tested heartworm positive. Becky C, Brett A, the 8 State Kate Fund, the AuCaDo Rescue Fund, and others covered some of his veterinary expenses. Midwest Animal Rescue provided him with a wonderful foster home while he was treated for heartworm and eventually found him this new family. I’m so excited that he has a new loving family after being let down so many times in his life. You can read Maverick’s story beginning on page 30 of the January issue of the ACD Spotlight at this link:

Recently, Merlin, a blue ACD, and Nixon, a red and white ACD mix, were rescued from a kill shelter in Ohio and came to the Minnesota Valley Humane Society. This rescue was a team effort by Sjoukje, Jeff and Cynthia, Jim and Nancy, Josie, and me, along with the MVHS. Everyone pulled together to help these two dogs. I’m happy to report that they have both been adopted into new homes!

Now the same group of people in Ohio and Minnesota is working to help “Rhonda”, a blue female in another kill shelter in Ohio. On Petfinder, her photo is shown with this description: “Rhonda is a quiet dog. Her second litter of puppies was just weaned and given away as she was brought here. She is reaching out quietly to make a connection with a person – please help her!”  Click here  to see her link.

Rhonda will be given proper vet care and spayed. Then we hope to find her the loving home that she deserves.

I also heard today about a male cattle dog at a kill shelter in Kentucky—urgent! And two adolescent cattle dog mix pups, an unaltered male and female, that the farmer is threatening to shoot if someone doesn’t come take them. We try to keep up, and would like to get at the source of the problem more, but it never ends! Please spay and neuter your pets, and help these homeless pets as much as you can. Thank you.

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