Firefighter Saves Dog from L.A. River… What a Microchip Is and How to Use One

I just watched this nailbiter showing firefighter Joe St. Georges rescuing a dog from a river in L.A (click on link below to watch video). Firefighter Saves Dog from L.A. River Fortunately, both man and dog came out of it ok. That is one lucky dog! Thank you Joe St. Georges for taking the risk […]

Tune in on January 17th to Learn About the New “Not Without My Dog” Resource & Record Book

January 17th, 6:00 pm CST The Pet Playground Radio Show AM 950, Minneapolis, Minnesota Click here to listen online from anywhere! Sage Lewis and I will talk about my new book, The Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book, coming in Spring of 2010.                     This […]

Lost Dog: What You Can Do Now to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Lost

I’m distressed by the number of “Lost Dog” notices that I’ve received over the holidays. I’ve been writing about this topic for my next book, The Not Without My Dog Resource and Record Book, coming in 2010. I don’t want to wait to share this information, so I’m offering it to you as a “Happy […]