Meet the Author vs. Meet a Puppy!

I just had to share this F-Minus cartoon by Tony Carillo. It made me laugh. Of course, the smart author brings a puppy along with her. 🙂   You can see more of Tony’s cartoons online at:

Update on Minnesota Puppy/Kitten Mill Bill

This message is from Animal folks of Minnesota, I apologize for any formatting issues. When I copy a message with old formatting over, I sometimes have difficulty re-formatting it correctly. I used to spend a lot of time trying to fix this, but I haven’t been able to get this one to look perfect. […]

More Action Needed for the Minnesota Puppy/Kitten Mill Bill

Update–MORE ACTION NEEDED–the bill has passed the MN House Civil Justice and Safety Committees, and will be heard by the MN Ag Committee on Friday, March 27th. Please contact the members of this committee if you support this bill. To get more info about the bill, please go to The Ag Committee members to […]

“Old” Dogs Learn New Tricks

I’ve been doing some training with Bandit, Chase, and Cayenne. Cay is still learning the basics, like sit, down, stay, come, and stand, now from a distance and with a verbal cue and/or hand signal. We’re adding distractions too. She is very biddable and wants to please, but is still vulnerable to distractions. Sometimes I […]

The Minnesota Puppy/Kitten Mill Bill Has Passed the House Civil Justice Committee

ALERT: H.F. 253 passed in the House Civil Justice Committee on Monday! H.F. 253 will now be heard on Friday, March 27, in the House Agriculture Committee. For details, go to Please support S.F. 7 and H.F. 253: Minnesota currently has no State laws to regulate the dog and cat breeding industry. Senate File […]

On the Lamb Again

Yesterday we got out to herd sheep for the first time since last fall. The ice has melted here and the footing was good, except for some mud here and there. We enjoyed being out and I could see that the boys felt fulfilled, like they were once again doing the job that they were […]

Update–More Action Needed by Monday and Tuesday to Support the Minnesota Puppy/Kitten Mill Bill in the House and Senate

More action is needed. This bill will be heard in the Minnesota House Civil Justice Committee as H.F. 253 (the Tilberry bill) on Monday, March 23rd and in the Senate Agriculture Committee on Tuesday, March 24th as S.F. 7 (Senator Betzold’s bill), for more debate and a vote. Info for contacting the house was provided […]

What Have Dogs Taught Me About Love, Life, and Myself?

What have dogs taught me about love, life, and myself? This question was posed on the Angel Animals Network today and here is my quick response: Bandit taught me that sometimes the best friends will find you when you least expect them to, and that paying attention to them is important. Jump on a good […]

Update–Act Before Monday, March 23rd to Support Minnesota Puppy/Kitten Mill Bill

Here’s an update showing that phone calls have been successful for supporting the proposed puppy/kitten mill bill in Minnesota. Action is needed again before the bill is heard by the House’s Civil Justice Committee on March 23rd. Please note that the definition of commercial breeder has been changed to include breeders with 20 or more intact […]

Act by Tuesday to Support H.F. 253 (Minnesota Puppy/Kitten Mill Bill)

URGENT–Act now! If you live in Minnesota, please take the time to form your opinion on this bill and call the Minnesota House Public Safety Policy and Oversight Committee before Tuesday. There is more information below and you can call at any time and leave a voice mail message. This bill was written to target […]