8 State Hurricane Kate is on Display at the American Library Association Conference in Chicago

8 State Hurricane Kate is on display at the ALA Conference in Chicago. Check it out at the Combined Book Exhibit booth, #2126.

“The Combined Book Exhibit is a collective exhibit of publishers of books, journals, multimedia and other media. Librarians can come to our exhibit and see books from large publishers and smaller independent presses as well as self published authors. See the book itself and decide for yourself if it would be good for your institution before you buy it from your normal channel of distribution. This is why CBE is here at ALA for you. Also, visit our revised online database, TheBookCheckOut.com, and you can learn about all the books we exhibit at ALA and other shows. Write reviews of books there so other librarians can get your feedback too. Create your own list of books you want to order through this vast database of books and publishers.”

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