Book Review for “Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life”

My review of Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life,  by Dawn Kairns

There are many books about special and beloved dogs, but this book goes much deeper than most. The reader is compelled to keep going, to sneak the book to work and get around any obstacle that would prevent one from reading straight through to the end. We learn early in the book that Maggie is special, but what may take the reader longer to realize is that Dawn is just as special–developing her own intuitive abilities during the course of the story. Dawn’s awakening with regard to Maggie’s health, the quality of her pet food, and the meanings of Dawn’s own dreams is a remarkable part of this story. Her willingness and ability to share this valuable information… about how our dogs view us, how the food we give them may be killing them, and how dreams and intuition may provide a more accurate diagnosis than a highly trained veterinarian… is a valuable gift.  Dawn and Maggie had an amazing bond because they were both tuned in. Dawn generously teaches us valuable lessons that she learned through sometimes heartbreaking experience, and we would be wise to listen. She continues to be an advocate for the well-being of our companion animals, teaching about pet food, puppy mills and more. And Maggie’s story compels us to keep reading, straight through to the end. We would be wise to listen to what Maggie has to say as well.

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