Ripple Effect

Sheila sent an update on Rhonda, who was rescued from the kill pound at Gallipolis, Ohio a couple of weeks ago. I wrote about her on July 7th. Many people in Ohio and Minnesota came together to achieve her rescue. Sheila is fostering Rhonda (now called Ripple) near Dayton, Ohio. It didn’t take long for this girl to begin to enjoy her new situation! J If you are interested in adopting Ripple, please contact Jeff at

Quote from Sheila: “So Ripple went camping with us this weekend and looked quite terrified upon arriving at the campground Friday evening. HOWEVER, all that changed Saturday morning. lol The child has really started coming out of her shell. All I can say is that she is a HUGE hit with everyone she meets! She’s nicely velcro in that she’d make a great trail dog and LOVES hiking. She has shown herding instinct as well and has gently nibbled at a cyclist’s heel, but called off quickly and didn’t try it again. (my sister-n-law was the cyclist as it was an intentional test)So she’d probably follow a mountain bike, or horse even, with no issues. Oddly enough she is NOT startled or afraid of dirt bikes….coming from southern Ohio this shouldn’t be a surprise I guess. lol She is also very much a snuggle bunny…she fell asleep at the campfire in my husbands arms and sleeps with us in the bed if we let her. lol She’s getting goofier by the minute and is really starting to show a lot of personality. She loves to give and receive hugs and kisses. She’s VERY affectionate and VERY playful. She really is a bundle of joy to have around.”

Sheila Isble posted wonderful pictures of a happy Ripple on her Facebook page. I hope to have a photo to include here soon. Click here to see Jeff’s photos of Rhonda and another rescued dog, Natasha shortly after they were rescued.

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