Brie and Pepper & Maggie (Suzy) (ALL ADOPTED)

My friend Melissa e-mailed me about some ACD puppies and an adult female ACD that local people were trying to rescue from a mentally ill hoarder in Georgia. Here’s the link: Look at the January 29 hoarder article—-you can scroll down to see these dogs. “Kat” the cattle dog-X is listed just before the two ACD-X puppies.

We had some debate over whether the puppies are purebred or not, and decided to help get them out. Kat was living on a 2 foot long chain. The puppies were living in separate 2’ x 2’ pens. All three were determined to be fairly social and adoptable. There were many dogs at the place and one had been hit over the head with a shovel (presumably while on a short chain) and was having seizures. It was NOT pretty.

Local contacts in GA were able to rescue the ACD puppies (now called Maggie (Suzy) and Pepper) and later Kat. We were planning to transport all of them to foster homes in WI and MN, but then Kat found local rescue in GA. So at the last minute, Brie, a shepherd-spaniel mix, was rescued from death row (from the same scary place that Kenna, Bonnie, and Vixen came from). Only fitting since my friend Melissa who has helped us rescue so many ACDs and ACD-Xs was helping out. Melissa is a “shepherd person”.

With the help of Angel (GA), Kathryn (GA), Brenda (GA), Kristina (GA-AL), Karen (AL-TN), Sjoukje (TN-KY-OH-IN), Christina (IN), Megan (IN), Erin (IN), Carol (IN-IL), Mary (IL), Sarah (IL-WI), Susan (WI), Laurie (WI), and Melissa (WI-MN–whew!) these guys were rescued and made it to their new foster homes.

ACD calendar funds helped pay for the puppies’ boarding and care until we could get them to their foster homes. Laurie is fostering the puppies in Wisconsin.

Thanks to everyone who volunteers to help in these situations. You can tell from the list above that this never would have happened without a number of people volunteering a few hours of their time.

Brie (GA to MN)—Shepherd-Spaniel mix from rescued from death row in GA
Here she is before rescue:

Homeward Bound had listed Brie as a Sheltie-Elkhound-X.
Brie, Pepper and Maggie have all found their forever homes.

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