An Inspiring Message From a Reader Friend

Jenny: Thought I would share this with you since you are one of the reasons I got involved in transporting rescues. As with most transports,  it looked like it was not going to pan out and might be cancelled, however, it did work out and I will be the oh so lucky one who gets to […]

Bandit’s Eye

We went to the vet to have Bandit’s stitches removed today. I was amazed again at how well the vet had stitched up the skin over Bandit’s eye and how well it has healed. As the stitches were being removed, I felt very fortunate that Bandit’s eye wasn’t injured. It was such a close call, […]

Give Me a Hug, Give Me a Break

My friend Sarah in Virginia rescued Chase from a violent man who was going to shoot him for chasing sheep. When Chase first came to live with us, he discovered that he could get my undivided attention when I was, ah, sitting on the toilet. When I’m the only person around, I don’t usually latch […]