Update on Merlin and Nixon–Looking for Homes in Minnesota

I wrote about these two in my previous post. Merlin is a blue Australian Cattle Dog and Nixon is a red Australian Cattle Dog mix (see photos below). They were both running out of time at the Washington Courthouse, Ohio kill pound. I threw a Hail Mary pass and the Minnesota Valley Humane Society offered to take them in. My cattle dog rescue friend Sjoukje in Ohio contacted Jeff, who offered to pull them and get them vetted. He drove them to Sabrina, who fostered them for a few days until transport to Minnesota could be arranged. Josie was working on a transport plan when Jim offered that his wife Nancy, who would be returning from a trip to Ohio, could drive them all the way to Minnesota. They arrived in Minnesota on Thursday night and were delivered to the MVHS on Friday morning. Jim, whose family fostered the two dogs on Thursday night, reports that “Merlin had no hesitations to go up and over the A-frame at our place. With some obedience work, he could be a good agility dog. Nixon I still say would be happy as somebody’s lap dog, but given time and the right environment who knows what he could become.” These two very nice dogs will soon be available for adoption through the Minnesota Valley Humane Society at www.mvhspets.org.




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