Guess Not…

Logging in from out of town, I received a message from the woman who wanted to meet Cay next week. Turns out her husband doesn’t approve of a second dog. Wow, I’d have thought she would have worked that out before calling to make an appointment to meet Cay. And I’m surprised that the HB screening process didn’t come up with this as a red flag. Maybe when she told him she had found a dog to meet, he finally spoke up. Or maybe she was in denial and thought she could convince him to get a second dog. I guess the moral of the story is to not take people too seriously when they say they really want to adopt this dog before they even meet her. And Cay is here to stay…for now.

I’m visiting my friend Mark in northern Wisconsin. Cay and Bandit stayed with my friend Becky back home and Chase came along for the trip. He likes the individual attention, which he has not gotten as much since Cay has been with us. He also enjoys visiting people.

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