A New Home for Cay?

I was contacted today by potential adopters with a one year old Corgi and a large fenced yard on a dead end road. They were pre-approved by Homeward Bound and sound like potentially a great home, especially since they already have herding dog experience. I’ll be out of town this weekend, but I offered to meet them with Cayenne any evening next week. The woman has been e-mailing me and sounds very excited about meeting Cay. We’ll see…

This brought up thoughts about keeping Cay versus letting her be adopted. I had not intended to have three dogs and was asked to foster her. But I don’t want her to get bounced around and have enjoyed working with her. I’ve kept up an emotional barrier, knowing that she may not stay here. This has been a little bit easier since she didn’t respond to me much in the beginning. Sometimes it would be easier with just the two boy dogs again. If Cay were adopted, I could work at becoming a regular foster home and continue to work with different dogs that need socialization and training to get them to their forever homes. But the introduction process with Bandit requires a lot of management and would only work with submissive dogs. I’ve tried not to get too attached to Cay, yet still give her what she needs. Since she started out being distant from people, this wasn’t so difficult at first. I have to admit though that I enjoy watching her grow and she has gotten attached to us. I do have feelings for her and will be very picky about her going to a new home.
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