Kindness for Kate Day

Today is “Kindness for Kate” Day. I spent extra time working with Cay and made a donation to a rescue group in honor of Kate.

Cay is revealing more of her personality to me each day. Today I dubbed her the “Blond Bullet” She is lighter than the boys in color and weight, but her legs are longer, so she can outrun them both if she tries.

I have been working on touching Cay’s feet. Her toenails are very long and it’s a challenge to trim them. Her feet have changed so much since coming here. She used to have splayed out toes that left star-like tracks in the snow. It seemed as though she didn’t get out much before she came here, although I know she got out some. It must have been that she felt more comfortable in her crate and stayed in there more than is good for a pup. Now her feet are shaped better. Her toes are gathered in and her feet are cupped from getting more exercise, from running up and down these hills.

Cay came down the hill to me when I called her today. She’s getting braver about coming in the door from the deck, without worrying as much about an ambush from Bandit.We have a whole field full of white daisies blooming out in front of the house. Maybe a gift from Kate?

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