Cay came when I called her today! We were out in the large fenced area. She was hungry and saw me give a treat to Chase! Chase comes on a whistle and Bandit comes when called by name. Without formal training, Cay has picked up on the whistle. Now when I whistle, she tries to race Chase to get to me first.

Cay still doesn’t like to go out in the dark—early in the morning or late at night, even with the porch and yard lights on! I have to put a leash on her in the evening to take her out in the yard. I think her fear of the dark is left over from being dumped in the wilderness with her littermates. Who knows what was out there in the dark. I’ve found that rescued dogs come with different fears and anxieties and we don’t always know what caused them. I’ve never had a dog that I knew to be afraid of the dark before.

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