Handsome Blue Male in Minnesota

Friday came and went and the breeder did not show up to visit or pick up this dog as promised. He stayed at the impound for an extra 2 weeks because the breeder who had identified him said she would come to pick him up on December 5th. He tested positive for heartworm and now she has backed out, not even covering the costs for his basic vaccinations. We are scrambling to get him into rescue, since our funds have been committed to dogs that didn’t have a breeder to back them up. Well, I guess this dog doesn’t really have his breeder to back him up either. I found a local friend to board him and a rescue to take him. We just have to figure out how to cover his costs and get him transported to the rescue, where he will be treated for heartworm and neutered. I contacted the impound and am hoping to pick him up tomorrow. Stay tuned. If you would like to donate for his or another rescued dog’s care, please click on the “Donate” link on this page. Thank you.

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