The Dog Show

On Tuesday, Bandit and I were filmed for “The Dog Show”, a local TV show with host Donna Chicone. Bandit’s breeder Louanne and his 11 ½ year old grandfather Pete appeared with us in a segment on the Australian Cattle Dog. Louanne focused on the breed history, traits, conformation and potential health issues. I spoke about Kate’s book, the herding, obedience, Rally, agility and tracking activities that Bandit and I have been involved in, what ACDs need, and why they often end up in rescue. It was fun to see how well Pete is doing at 11 ½ and to see blue Pete and red Bandit together. Donna promised to give me a clip of the cattle dog segment of the show and I’ll post it here soon. The Dog Show will air on January 1st on Valley Access channel 15 in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. Please check back here for the cattle dog segment after January 1st.

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