Happy New Year! and Good News in 2009

Seems like everywhere we turn lately there is bad news…financial failures, job losses, people at war. So my New Year’s resolution is to include a positive message here each week. My plan is to record the message and post the audio link. My challenge is to learn how to do this ASAP. 😉 Check back weekly for a new audio message intended to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling and/or make you laugh.


Also coming in 2009: a virtual book tour for 8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog, including an audio excerpt of my interview with Theresa Bernard of the Minnesota Women’s Press, a video of the Australian Cattle Dog segment of “The Dog Show” with Donna Chicone, and perhaps my discussion with a local book club. Stay tuned, and look toward the light!


Happy New Year!

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