Australian Cattle Dogs and 8 State Kate Book Featured on The Dog Show on January 1st

Those of you who have Valley Access TV in Minnesota and Wisconsin can tune in to channel 15 on January 1st to watch “The Dog Show” with Donna Chicone. The breed feature on this show is the Australian Cattle Dog. Louanne Brooks and I will show 11 ½ year old Pete (blue) and my dog Bandit (red), Pete’s 5 year old grandson. Louanne talks about the history and qualities of the breed and I talk about the book “8 State Hurricane Kate” and why cattle dogs sometimes end up in rescue. There are photos of Pete herding sheep and Bandit herding sheep and cattle and clearing an agility jump (not all at once!). The show also has a feature on the Canine Good Citizen test. Check here for the schedule:

Soon I’ll have a video of the cattle dog part of the show available here on the website too.

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