Gypsy–10 Year Old Red ACD at New Home in Alaska

Remember Gypsy, the 10 year old red female who I saw in the Pasado’s Safe Haven Magazine? I first wrote about her here on November 3rd. She was adopted by a man from Alaska who saw her info posted on the ACD-L by my friend Eileen and flew to the Seattle area to pick her […]

Handsome Blue Male in Minnesota

Friday came and went and the breeder did not show up to visit or pick up this dog as promised. He stayed at the impound for an extra 2 weeks because the breeder who had identified him said she would come to pick him up on December 5th. He tested positive for heartworm and now […]

The Dog Show

On Tuesday, Bandit and I were filmed for “The Dog Show”, a local TV show with host Donna Chicone. Bandit’s breeder Louanne and his 11 ½ year old grandfather Pete appeared with us in a segment on the Australian Cattle Dog.

Cay’s 7th Week of Obedience Class–Graduation

I was so proud of Cay last week. She graduated from obedience 1 class, passing all the exercises except the stay. It was the main exercise that I had practiced with her all week, knowing that it was the toughest one for her. During week 6, I noticed that it was hard for Cay to […]