Merry Christmas…Looking Back and Looking Ahead

On December 24th, I left my three dogs in Becky’s care and flew to the Gulf Coast of Florida to visit part of my family for the Christmas holiday. The last time I had been to Florida was March of 2007, and before that I spent about three weeks there while recovering from surgery near […]

Maverick’s Story (Continued)

The impound manager was begging me to find a place for Maverick to go. He had been there since being picked up as a stray at the end of October, and had stayed there an extra two weeks waiting for the breeder to pick him up. In order to get Maverick out of the impound, […]

Surviving December

I’m finally ready to write about the first week of December. It felt like the week from hell, but somehow I just kept going. I’d been having problems with my well pump for a while, even though I had the whole thing replaced over the summer, which involved trimming trees and other preparations. Even after […]