Handsome Blue Male in Minnesota–Update

I want to update you on Maverick. Just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on–I’ve been too busy to get on the computer lately! The first week of December was “the week from hell” for me–more on that later! Eileen has been working tirelessly (or maybe “tiredly”, I’m not sure) to organize Maverick’s transport to rescue in Tennessee, or a rescue option for him here in Minnesota.

Maverick has had to visit the vet twice since we got him out of the impound. Overall he is a very nice dog, but he has had gastric distress. The vet attributed this to a change in location and diet. After being treated, his system seems to be calming down now. Because he is senstive to changes, we thought that travel to Tennessee may be too much for him. Plus the weather has not been cooperating for a transport. So Eileen found a rescue here in MN to take Mav into a foster home. We’re planning the transfer now, but we are in the middle of a blizzard!

Since December 9th, my friend Becky has been boarding Mav at her home about 4 miles from my house. His gastric distress made this a lot more work than we had planned on. I visited Maverick this morning before the roads got too bad. Today he is much bouncier and happier than he was a week ago. He has improved a lot since last Saturday, when we had to take him to the vet to get subcutaneous fluids for dehydration.

If all goes as planned, Maverick will be transferred to Midwest Animal Rescue and will go to his new foster home by the end of the weekend. We will continue to follow his progress and provide support for his veterinary needs. Once he has been successfully treated for the heartworm and has been neutered, he will be available for adoption.

Karen donated a travel kennel and harness and Brett has paid Maverick’s vet bills so far. Vicky offered $100 toward the heartworm treatment, which may cost a few hundred $s. ARF provided funds for his boarding costs. Thank you everyone for your support.

I try to stay on good terms with good breeders. But I have to say I’m pretty upset about this situation. The next time I see a dog from the same kennel as Maverick win an ACDCA national specialty or come out as top ACD at Westminster, I won’t be thinking about congratulating them. I’ll be thinking about the wonderful dog that they left ill and destitute in Minnesota because somehow he didn’t “measure up”.

Thanks to everyone who is there with financial and/or moral support when a situation like this gets me down!

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