Handsome Blue Male in Minnesota–Safe in Boarding

After some serious back and forth e-mails with the breeder, I finally gave up on her. Yesterday I picked up “Maverick” from the impound and took him to my friend Becky’s place for boarding. He seems to have a very even temperament, but he got anxious when we got in the truck. He whined for a while, then settled down. Poor guy has been at the impound since October. He settled in nicely at Becky’s, which is just a few miles down the road from me. Now we are working on a transport plan to get him to the ACD rescue ASAP so that he can get treated for heartworm.

A number of people offered support for this dog. A guy named Brett who I don’t even know called the impound vet and paid the entire bill to cover his vetting and spring him from the impound. He donated enough to get Mav microchipped too, which put me more at ease. The AuCaDo Rescue Fund is covering his initial boarding expenses. Others have offered to help if he has any more expenses and a woman named Vicky offered $100 toward his heartworm treatment. Since the 8 State Kate Fund had already committed to other rescues for this month, the financial help offered to Maverick has been a huge relief. Many people have contacted me off list, including some responsible breeders who were very concerned about him. I appreciate all the support.

I won’t be completely at ease until Maverick is successfully treated for the heartworm, neutered, and finds the loving home that he so desperately needs and very much deserves. But he is on his way now!

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