My New Quilt Wall Hanging

I want to show you the quilted wall hanging that Michelle made for me. It has photos of nine of the dogs and cats that have shared my life over the years. It was designed before Cay joined us and includes:

Top row: Kate, Bandit, and Chase

Middle row: Nike, Pippi, and Marble

Bottom row: Rainbow, Rusty, and Zena

Quilt with Pet Photos

Isn’t it beautiful? If you have read 8 State Hurricane Kate, go back to pages 213-214 of the book. Rusty (bottom middle) is the old dog who passed on just moments before Bandit (top middle) came into my life. I think you’ll understand why I think that Bandit, the only red heeler puppy for miles around, was sent by Rusty just minutes after his passing.

Besides Bandit and Kate, Rainbow, Pippi, and Chase are also mentioned in the book.

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