Dora– 2 Year Old Red F ACD Looking for a Home in Minnesota

About a week and a half ago, I was contacted by a local all breed rescue about a red female Australian Cattle Dog that needed a new home. The rescue was overloaded and couldn’t take her, but wanted to find someone who could help. I was having one of those weeks that started with an […]

Handsome Blue Male ACD Found Running Loose in East Bethel, MN

A blue male Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) was found running loose in East Bethel, MN on October 30th. He was found with no microchip or ID. He has completed his 6 day impound period at a vet clinic in Maplewood, MN. Nobody has claimed him and they are looking for a rescue to take him in. I thought […]

A Message From Al’s Daughter Carolyn!

Remember Carolyn, the Katrina survivor who lost her dad in the flood just after the hurricane? She showed me around the NOLA area when I returned there in May. I just received a note from her about the book: I… have been wanting to really thank you for the 8 State Hurricane Kate Book… what I have read has […]