Handsome Blue Male ACD Found in Minnesota–Needs Rescue or New Home

I first posted about this guy on November 9th. I stopped to visit him on Friday at the impound at a vet clinic in Maplewood, Minnesota. This guy is a very nice dog, not the “typical” dog that you might find in rescue (if there is a typical rescue dog!). I can’t believe that nobody is looking for this dog, or that there isn’t a good breeder in his past who might want him back. He was picked up as a stray in East Bethel or North Branch Minnesota (waiting for verification on the pick up location). He didn’t have any ID and was running loose unneutered. He has been in impound since October 30th. They only had to hold him for 6 days, and nobody came to claim him. Now they are looking for rescue or a good home for him. He will not go out unneutered unless going to a rescue group that will have him neutered before placing him.

He has nice structure and seems to have a great temperament, something a breeder would strive for. He is estimated to be about 4 years old. His undercoat is coming out in tufts and clumps. I think he must have been an outside dog and now that he is housed indoors, he’s blowing all that undercoat. There’s a photo of him at this link:


Does anyone recognize this dog?

The name on his kennel card is “Danny Boy”, but the staff call him “Boomer” for Boomerang (although if he came back, he wouldn’t be lost, would he?). Of course, we don’t know what his name was before.

Please contact me if you recognize him or are interested in adopting him and need more information. I have more photos from different angles.

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