Happy Anniversary Chase! You’re the Best!

I can hardly believe that Chase has been here for 4 years! My Katrina friend Sarah Dutton rescued him from a violent man in Virginia. During Memorial weekend of 2006, he traveled all the way to Minnesota to join our family. Eleven people, including Laura Gonzo, Emily Anderson and others helped him along the way [...]

Cayenne the Agility Dog

I haven’t written much about Cay lately, so thought I’d give this update. Cayenne and her young littermates were found in the Tennessee wilderness when they were too young to be away from their mother. But their mother was not in sight and they were very sick puppies. They almost didn’t survive a bout of [...]

Maverick, Merlin and Nixon Find New Homes and… “Help Me” Rhonda Needs Our Assistance

So much has been going on here that it’s been hard to find time to write. But I want to report some great news! Maverick, an Australian Cattle Dog who was picked up as a stray in Minnesota last November, has found a fantastic new home. His new family has another ACD named Josie (my [...]

The Kids Are All Right

We had a few perfect days in the past week, about 75 degrees, sunny with a breeze, low humidity, and hardly a cloud in the sky, the kind of perfect day when you want it to always be that way.     Send article as PDF to

You CAN Go Home Again…and the Power of One

The Noah’s Wish training was near my birthplace, Davenport, Iowa. I stayed with my aunt and uncle in nearby Bettendorf, Iowa the night before the training began. It was fun to visit with them and see my cousin and two of her daughters. I hadn’t been down there for a few years and it’s really not [...]

A Note From Bazza, Billabong’s Dad

Today I received the following note and photo from Bazza, Billabong’s dad. Billabong was rescued from death row at a gassing shelter in Lafayette, Louisiana in the nick of time and was transported to Bazza in Florida by a group of caring people. She arrived at her new home in Florida in September 2006, on [...]

Gypsy–10 Year Old Red ACD at New Home in Alaska

Remember Gypsy, the 10 year old red female who I saw in the Pasado’s Safe Haven Magazine? I first wrote about her here on November 3rd. She was adopted by a man from Alaska who saw her info posted on the ACD-L by my friend Eileen and flew to the Seattle area to pick her [...]

Giving Thanks

Today I’m thankful to have time outside with the dogs in the daylight. These days it’s dark by the time I get home from work. Sometimes I delay my morning departure to have a sliver of daylight to play ball with them in the yard before I leave. But today we have the whole day! This [...]

Dora Finds a Home!

Dora went into a Homeward Bound foster home with two older adults who work at home (no kids at home). They were concerned at first about how she would do with their cats, but she has done well there. I’m pleased to announce that they decided to adopt her and she is there to stay! [...]

Confusion in Minnesota and An Old Cattle Dog Finds A New Home!

It has been a confusing day here in Minnesota. It was 73 degrees outside this afternoon, shirt sleeve weather. Yet the sun was low in the sky by the time I left work. The sky was dark at 5:30 pm, reminding us that it really is November. At 9:30 this evening, I had the screen [...]