August’s Child

I am a child of August, born on August 11th 47 years ago. Where has the time gone? I remember August days, riding our bikes, climbing trees, swimming in the gravel pit, trying to get the courage to go off the high dive. I remember riding my pony bareback across the fields at a gallop, and playing with the dog in the backyard. I remember the neighbor’s dog, neglected, tied to a tree, wearing a path in the dirt, not getting food and water often enough, not getting any attention except from me. Why didn’t we butt in and save her?

This weekend we had perfect weather here in Minnesota. The temperature was in the mid-70s during the days and dropped to the 50s at night. The sky was clear and blue during the day and loaded with stars at night. This morning Bandit and I worked cattle at a nearby farm. The farmer gave me some sweet corn, fresh from the field and I ate an ear as soon as we got home. For all those who ask, “How can you live in Minnesota with such cold winters?”, today is one of those perfect Minnesota days. Yesterday was too. It doesn’t get any better than this (although the farmers may argue that we need rain very badly). At the same time, the Gulf Coast states are drowning under Hurricane Fay (or is it Tropical Storm Fay now?). This is one of those times that I wouldn’t trade Minnesota for the world. But I don’t mind winter all that much either!

My mom called first thing this morning to tell me that my/Kate’s book was written up in the Madison newspaper, the Wisconsin State Journal. She was very excited. She doesn’t usually call at that time, so when the phone rang, I was first concerned that something was wrong. I haven’t seen the article yet, but she thought it was nice. I’ll try to get a copy and put it on this site. 

The dogs and I went to get our photo taken today. I needed an author photo and hadn’t gotten to it yet, at least partly due to a rash from poison ivy or wild parsnip, probably something the dogs ran through and then rubbed on my arms and legs. I didn’t want a photo of just myself, so took all 3 dogs along, a little bit apprehensive about getting a good shot of all of us at once. Bandit and Chase are well-trained and have been through this before, but Cay is a high energy one year old who doesn’t like to sit still. They surprised me though, by sitting still to get a number of good shots. In fact, in most shots the dogs looked great, but I didn’t like my own expression! Like I said, it was a perfect day here and the photo shoot went quickly.

Just a few more days of August left. Soon I’ll be heading to New Orleans for the service in memory of the animals that didn’t survive Katrina.


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