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Sunday, November 1st 

7:30 am PST, 9:30 am CST, 10:30 am EST

Don’t forget the time change! We “fall back” an hour this weekend.

Maryanne Dell will review

“8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog”

 on The Pet Place Radio Show, hosted by Marie Hulett


To listen online, go to this link: http://www.retro1260.com/index.aspx

Click on the “Listen Now” tab.

Don’t forget to turn up your sound!

Maryanne Dell is a writer, editor, and columnist from Southern California whose popular column appears online at


She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, working with dogs and their owners on manners, agility, and behavior modification, as well as an evaluator for Delta Society’s Pet Partners therapy animal program. She and her Tibetan spaniel, Jitterbug, visit facilities and schools to bring some canine fun and help kids improve their reading skills. Like Jenny, Maryanne felt the pull and traveled to Lamar-Dixon in September 2005, where she helped care for canine Katrina victims at the expo center. She reviews books every month for “The Pet Place Radio Show.” Please consider adopting your next pet; millions die annually in our nation’s shelters.


Saturday, November 14th:

Jenny will speak about:

“How to Discover Your True Passions in Life:

What I Learned from My Journey with 8 State Hurricane Kate”

Owatonna Community Education

Owatonna, Minnesota

10:00-11:30 am

Click here and go to page 6 for more info.

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